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Polaris Sportsman with fairing and windshiel in action
ARB is proud to welcome
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ARB is above all a manufacturer of ATV
fairings. Besides our fairings, windshields and
accessories, we work on a new range of related products
for side-by-side models. The quality and the reliability of our
ATV fairings and the after-sales service as well as our new
innovative products make ARB the favorite brand of ATV users.

The constant technological evolution of our products results mainly from two sources: our research and development, as well as the excellent collaboration of ATV users. It is our listening of ATV owners such as you that makes our strength and drives the
development of ARB products.


New efficient quick release mounting system for Polaris Sportsman fairings.
Polaris Sportsman fairing quick release

New products 2008

Air deflector "INTERCEPTOR" profiled for your comfort, designed to match perfectly the Polaris Sportsman fairings lines.
Polaris Sportsman deflector

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